As long- standing legal advisers to companies in the automotive sector, we have a real understanding of the key issues in this market. This means we can work with our clients to identify potential issues before they actually arise and deal with them at this stage.

What we do

We advise manufacturers and distributors of automotive vehicles (4-wheel and 2-wheel), parts and services, in respect of:

  • Distribution agreements, vehicle handling agreements and other commercial and contractual issues
  • Product liability
  • Competition and compliance issues, (including the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation and the Vertical Agreements Block Exemption Regulation)
  • Protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights and branding
  • Trade related issues including compliance and Customs & Excise related matters.
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Who we do it for

Our clients include manufacturers and distributors of cars, van and motorcycles, their parts and services and others active in this sector. We also have considerable experience in advising on issues relating to dealer networks.

"RB have an excellent team with extensive experience and knowledge of the legal issues affecting the automotive sector, and we have had a strong relationship with them for many years. RB have always been willing to invest time in order to gain a good understanding of Suzuki's business needs together with our aims and values. This has enabled RB to provide a first class and timely legal service across the board."

Jeremy Leigh, Former Senior Director Corporate Operations

Suzuki GB plc