Fixed price divorce

We understand that you may be concerned about the cost of getting divorced, particularly where you feel your circumstances are quite straightforward and both parties agree to the divorce.

Fixed costs for your divorce or dissolution of your civil partnership

We have therefore developed a special fixed price package for such undefended proceedings to give you the certainty up front of what the costs will be.

What is included in the fixed price?

  • Initial face-to-face meeting with specialist family solicitor
  • All the court forms completed by us
  • Writing to your spouse or their Solicitor if lawyers have been instructed, in relation to the divorce proceedings.

How much does it cost?

Our costs for this service are £750 + VAT. In addition to our costs you will need to pay the court fee currently £550 (no VAT required). We also offer a fixed fee of £350 + VAT for clients who have received divorce proceedings.

What other points do I need to bear in mind?

There may be issues in relation to property and finances, domestic abuse or children related issues which are not covered under the fixed price scheme above. However, our experienced and specialist family solicitors will be able to help you with any of these areas and we provide a range of competitive rates.

Are there any other exclusions to the fixed prices quoted above?

The fixed price scheme does not cover the following scenarios:

  • Obtaining copies of marriage certificates or cost of translation from a foreign language
  • Defended divorce proceedings or requirement to amend the Petition once it has been submitted to the Court
  • Issues relating to service of the divorce proceedings if the divorce papers served by the Court are not acknowledged by the Respondent in the normal way
  • Dealing with any challenge to a costs order or enforcement of a costs order
  • Where either party is domiciled or habitually resident overseas.

What next?

The Partners and lawyers in Rawlison Butler’s Family Team are members of Resolution, which promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems.

For further information on any family law issue, please contact Robert Worthing , or speak to your usual contact in the Family Team.