You are a small to medium-sized business considering your next move in a commercial dispute that has just blown up, or possibly an FD or in-house counsel at a large corporation that is assessing a dispute that has been "rumbling" uncomfortably for some time. How can you best plan to use the necessary expertise to resolve the matter before it gets out of hand?

How eVALUEate can help you?

Commercial disputes can arise in many different situations. If they are not handled effectively, they can become a drain on your business and, occasionally, a threat to it. Such disputes can include:

  • a termination of a contractual relationship with an important customer or supplier, or a threat of termination
  • a competitor infringing your intellectual property rights
  • contentious issues arising with board members, shareholders and/or investors

It is vital that you are able to assess what legal position your business is in at the earliest possible stage, so that you can consider the risks that you face and the rewards you will gain from finding a solution, rather than letting things fester. If you need help, eVALUEate can meet your needs.

How does it work?

eVALUEate is essentially a case assessment, which helps you to sense check the risks and rewards in your dispute, to ensure that you make sound decisions for the benefit of your business.

This can include consideration of your funding options in the event that formal action might be necessary.

The end result will be to give you a view on the merits of your position and our suggested approach to the dispute, based on what you provide to us. This may involve keeping a watching brief, progressing negotiations with the other party or, if needed, commencing court proceedings. This can be provided in a meeting or telephone conference, supplemented by a written report if you require this.

What will it cost?

As eVALUEate will be bespoke to your business, the cost will very much depend on the amount of information and paperwork to be reviewed, the subject matter and value of the dispute and the particular issues arising on the dispute. Whether you are a large corporation or smaller business, we can offer a costs package that works for you.

Wherever possible, to help you plan your budget we will provide you with a fixed fee, and in all cases, we will ensure that you are always clear about our costs in advance. If you are a business that has a number of disputes that need review (which may or may not be unrelated), we can also look at offering you discounts if those disputes are put through eVALUEate.

How can you find out more?

For more information on how we can assist you or for a confidential, no obligation, initial discussion to see whether eVALUEate would be appropriate for your commercial disputes, please contact Stuart Evans on +44 (0)1293 558525 or email Stuart for more details.



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