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8th August 2017

Developer’s Question: Rights of Way and Intensification of User

I am looking at a site which I want to develop. There is a right of way over an access road to the rear which says: ‘a right of way over Kings Road either on foot or on horseback either with or without waggons carts and carriages’ Would the plot buyers be able to use this access way with their cars and vans? Read more

5th July 2017

Developer’s Question: Party Wall Notices and Site Assembly

We are developing a site as part of a site assembly project. One of the plots we purchased was a house with a large garden. As the house doesn’t form part of our plans, we want to sell the house on. It is currently on the market. We need to do works near to the new boundary of the house and our site which would require a Party Wall notice being served. We don’t want the new owner of the house to cause us issues when we serve. What should be do? Read more

13th June 2017

Tips and facts: Landlord offering to sell the freehold?

Owners of residential flats have the “right of first refusal” should their landlord wish to sell its freehold interest, subject to certain criteria being met. Lauren Kirby of RB’s Property Disputes Team looks at what tenants should do when they receive a notice from their landlord offering to sell the freehold. Read more

8th June 2017

Granting an Easement: What to consider

Land owners should take care when granting a right of way to owners / occupiers of other properties, as granting a right of way which is too wide could result in giving away more than you had bargained for! Following the recent case of Shaw v Grouby & another, Victoria Coombs in RB's Property Team looks at what must be considered when looking to grant a right of way. Read more