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13th June 2017

Tips and facts: Landlord offering to sell the freehold?

Owners of residential flats have the “right of first refusal” should their landlord wish to sell its freehold interest, subject to certain criteria being met. Lauren Kirby of RB’s Property Disputes Team looks at what tenants should do when they receive a notice from their landlord offering to sell the freehold. Read more

9th June 2017

Bathroom Wars – the latest battle in keyword advertising

What can you do when a competitor is using your brand name or trademark as an online search advertising keyword? Michael Axe in RB’s Commercial Disputes Team looks at a recent High Court dispute between two bathroom retailers that has reaffirmed what can be done to protect your intellectual property rights in the context of keyword advertising. Read more

8th June 2017

Why employees will need to “mind the gap” when claiming underpaid holiday pay

The EAT has confirmed that a three-month gap between underpayments of wages breaks a "series of deductions" thereby limiting scope for employees to make retrospective claims for underpaid holiday pay. Tony Hyams-Parish, RB Partner and Head of Employment, considers what this means for employers. Read more

8th June 2017

The Gig Economy: what does the future hold for employment status?

The so called ‘Gig Economy’ has been hitting the headlines for the past few months following a wave of employment tribunal cases being brought by individuals wishing to clarify their employment status in order to cement their associated employment rights. Last month, the Work and Pensions Committee published the results of their inquiry to consider the effects of the gig economy on the welfare system and the social and economic position of workers. In the first of a two part feature, Tessa Robinson from RB’s Employment Team reviews the findings and associated recommendations published by the Committee. Read more