Family mediation

Family mediation is a process in which both parties meet together in an informal and relaxed setting with a neutral third party Mediator to discuss matters relating to their children or to the division of financial assets on divorce, separation or relationship breakdown.

How we can help

The Mediator offers expert impartial assistance based on extensive involvement in matrimonial settlements. Often several meetings (of approximately 90 minutes each) are necessary to reach a conclusion. At that stage, both parties consult a separate solicitor in order to formalise the agreement and avoid the cost and acrimony of contested family proceedings.

By this method, it is hoped that couples will be able to explore the issues and concerns they have and to reach their own joint decisions.

Mediation can, therefore, assist couples at the point of breakdown of their relationship to consider their options and make arrangements that they can live with for their separate lives – particularly if children are involved.

Where children are involved

It can help parents to make, and where necessary or appropriate, review arrangements for their children, reflecting the changing needs of the children and parents going through the process of divorce and into new living experiences. “Comprehensive” or “all issues” mediation helps couples look at financial arrangements and the decisions regarding property.

However, while mediation can be successful in helping reach agreements between parties, it is not a universal panacea, or directly an aid to reconciliation. Mediators do not offer counselling or legal advice and the process will not suit all participants.