Reorganisation and redundancy

Good preparation and planning is key to being able to reorganise your business the way you want to, even make redundancies where necessary. Getting the way you do this right, avoids unnecessary disputes with employees and significantly reduces the risk of Employment Tribunal claims.

What we do

Our clients find talking to us early about their plans to reorganise their business can really help them avoid unnecessary problems and reduce the risk of litigation. We take the time to understand what you want to achieve and will talk to you about the various options available.

Where redundancies become necessary, we have a wealth of experience advising on issues such as selection criteria, consultation and redundancy packages.

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Who we do it for

We act for businesses of all sizes, both nationally and internationally. If you have employees, whatever your size and whatever sector you are in, we are sure will be able to help you. We currently have clients from a range of sectors including retail, travel, charity and education. We are proud to have many clients who have chosen to use us over a period of many years and continue to do so.