Dismissals and settlement agreements

Negotiating a severance or termination package from your employer lets you move on and start afresh. With our advice, your employer is more likely to improve the terms on offer to you. Where settlement is not reached, we can advise you on the next steps, including whether you have potential claims in the Employment Tribunal.

What we do

We see many clients who have been offered a termination package to leave their employment. They are often provided with a settlement agreement that they must sign as a condition of being paid.

We have experienced lawyers who can go through the agreement with you and advise whether what you have been offered is reasonable and whether you should be asking for more. As part of this process, we also speak to you about the circumstances leading up to being given the agreement and tell you whether you have any potential claims you could bring against your employer.

In many cases, we can negotiate a better deal for you and improve on the terms in your settlement agreement.

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