Director and Shareholder Disputes

Being a company director brings with it certain duties and responsibilities to the company and shareholders of a company have a right to protect their investment in the company. This can lead to conflict between the various parties and early legal advice can be critical to resolving the problem.

What we do

We regularly advise company directors on the scope of their duties to their companies under the Companies Act, so that they can assess how best to proceed in their particular circumstances (possibly in the face of criticism by the shareholders of the company). Equally, if a company or shareholder is unhappy with the way that the company is being run or the way in which a director is conducting themselves, we also advise companies and shareholders on potential claims the company might bring against their directors, either directly or by way of a derivative claim brought by a shareholder of the company.

We are experienced in assisting companies in relation to disputes between shareholders, including claims brought by minority shareholders against the majority (usually on the basis that their interests are being compromised). We also act for clients involved in partnership disputes, which may involve advising on how to dissolve a partnership.

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Who we do it for

We can assist companies and individuals involved in the management or ownership of a company, whether you are a director or a shareholder (or both). Our experience means that we can assess a dispute from both points of view, giving you the best possible advice on your position and how best to resolve the dispute.