Legal due diligence

Whether you are buying, selling or investing in a business the legal due diligence process is a key part of the transaction, as identifying potential issues and making sure you have a full picture of the business allows parties to take steps to mitigate any identified risks.

What we do

For Buyers and Investors

As part of the acquisition process, ensuring that you have all the relevant information on the company you are looking to buy or invest in is vitally important. It is essential that your due diligence exercise is well-run and dovetails effectively with any financial due diligence exercise carried out by your accountants.  This will also assist you to familiarise yourself with the present state of the business and to flush out any potential issues which may arise post-completion.

Our Corporate Team will make sure that you ask the right questions of the intending seller and that you receive satisfactory answers, along with reviewing any documents received as part of the disclosure and due diligence process. We will deliver a due diligence report based on your needs and with the level of detail that you require. These reports can be tailored to be as comprehensive as you require and if you simply want an outline of main areas of concern, we will focus our report only on the key areas which we consider to be of material importance to you, with a brief summary of the main documents disclosed to us.

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For Sellers

Along with our legal audit service, our Corporate Team can support you throughout the sale process, if you are looking to sell your business. Once a buyer has been found, it is common for a series of pre-sale enquiries to be raised of the seller and their company.

We recognise that this process can be both challenging and time-consuming, and our team will make the process as smooth as possible and will work with you to provide responses in the most cost-effective and least time-consuming manner. We can help you to give full responses to enquiries raised and to collate the necessary documentation to deal with such enquiries, which can include the use of an electronic data room. We will also assist you to provide answers which are likely to be satisfactory to a prospective buyer and reduce the chances of further questions being raised by the buyer(s) of your company.

Who we do it for

Our Corporate Team assists businesses and individuals through the legal due diligence process every year, with clients ranging from large corporates, foreign companies, owner-managed businesses, management teams and individual shareholders.  This means we are able to draw on extensive experience to give you practical advice when you need it most.