Director and shareholder arrangements

Being a director and/or shareholder of any company can be both challenging and rewarding. Deals will usually run smoothly but we recognise that, inevitably, there are times when things do not go to plan and, in such circumstances, it can be time consuming and costly to rectify problems after the event.

What we do

Directors and shareholders are the key players in a company. In many businesses, they may also be the same people.  Directors generally have the responsibility for running the company and shareholders retain ultimate ownership.  Depending on which capacity a person is acting in, different advice will be required in relation to their rights, responsibilities and duties.

We will work with you to plan for these events and ensure that you have the right knowledge and documentation in place to protect you and your interests both now and in the future. Our experience in acting for a range of companies enables us to give advice on the appropriate corporate governance structures to meet your specific needs and ensure that suitable exit routes are available for both directors and shareholders regardless of the size and type of your company.

Every private company with more than one shareholder should have a shareholders’ agreement in place. If there is a shareholder dispute and there is no agreement in place, it can be a very stressful and expensive process to resolve the dispute in this situation. We can assist you to draw up the terms of such an agreement at the outset, following an internal re-organisation or upon the entry of new shareholders to your company following a sale, purchase or investment.

Who we do it for

We act for directors and shareholders of private and public companies.

Our recent experience

SafeGuard-Tombstone-Smaller_original SIMS-Images-Smaller_original Lincoln-Binns

"We were very pleased with the attention to detail and professionalism with which this work was carried out. Rawlison Butler guided us through all of the steps required and managed the process and final meeting with great efficiency. We use Rawlison Butler for all of our legal requirements and have always been satisfied with the service provided."

Chris Ridgwell, a director

Safeguard Europe Limited

"We had not experienced before the documents and principles required for our matter, so it was a new area for us. The assistance provided by Rawlison Butler was sound and professional but also user-friendly, helping us to cut through the legal jargon and appreciate the fundamental points for us."

Georgia Fox, a director

Sims Images Limited

"Rawlison Butler arranged a number of related things for us including a shareholder’s agreement.  I wanted a shareholder’s agreement with a fairness clause to protect future minority shareholders. The wording was a bit tricky, but Rawlison Butler made sure we got it exactly right. I would use their services again without hesitation."

John Binns, a director

Lincoln Binns Limited