Company reorganisations and restructuring

Businesses should regularly review their corporate structure to ensure it provides them with the most effective way to achieve their current and future commercial plans and as well as ensuring it is efficient from a tax planning perspective.

What we do

We will work with you and other professional advisors to agree on what the optimal structure is for your business and then we will prepare the legal documentation to give effect to any changes that you decide are required. As part of any company re-organisation, careful consideration should be given to any legal and tax effects, to ensure that nothing unexpected arises. Examples of areas we commonly advise on include:

  • share buybacks and capital reductions;
  • transfers of shares between shareholders;
  • business and asset hive-up and hive downs;
  • intra-group shareholding re-organisations;
  • section 110 re-organisations; and
  • taking companies from public to private ownership and vice versa.

Who we do it for

Our Corporate Team assists companies and individuals through the process of restructuring their businesses every year, with clients ranging from large corporates, foreign companies, owner-managed businesses, management teams and individual shareholders.

Our recent experience

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"We were very pleased with the attention to detail and professionalism with which this work was carried out. Rawlison Butler guided us through all of the steps required and managed the process and final meeting with great efficiency. We use Rawlison Butler for all of our legal requirements and have always been satisfied with the service provided.”

Chris Ridgwell, a director

Safeguard Europe Limited

"We had not experienced before the documents and principles required for our matter, so it was a new area for us. The assistance provided by Rawlison Butler was sound and professional but also user-friendly, helping us to cut through the legal jargon and appreciate the fundamental points for us."

Georgia Fox, a director

Sims Images Limited