Data protection & privacy

Data protection is a key issue for all businesses. How you use or misuse personal data can significantly affect the growth and reputation of your business. Sanctions for non-compliance can be severe.

What we do

Data is a valuable asset but how you use individuals’ personal data is a very sensitive issue and compliance with data protection and privacy laws is not only a legal requirement but can make or break the trust of your customers and prospective customers and give rise to serious reputational issues.

Our team has the expertise and experience to guide you through the processes and we can advise on any data protection and privacy matters including:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Audit
  • Notification
  • Data transfers abroad
  • Cookies
  • Direct marketing
  • Rights of data subjects
  • Data sharing
  • Privacy policies.

Who we do it for

Whether you are in HR considering employee data, in marketing contacting potential new customers, or in sales or after-sales managing customer information, individuals are naturally protective of their privacy. Breaches of data protection legislation have resulted in some high profile cases and significant fines, which can also adversely affect your business reputation.

Managing your databases well, maintaining appropriate security measures and having the right policies and procedures in place can both ensure compliance with the necessary legalities and build your reputation as a business to be trusted.

You must take particular care if you allow other parties access to the data you hold or if the data is to be held or transferred outside of Europe, including the increasing use of cloud based providers.

We assist a wide variety of businesses with their data protection and privacy compliance. Data protection and privacy are relevant, whether you are a small business starting out and needing to understand your obligations to get the right policies and procedures in place; an established business looking to outsource globally or put in place a marketing strategy; or  preparing your business for a sale and need to ensure that your business is compliant.

Notable matters that we have worked on include:

Advising on the use of cookies on e-commerce platforms and drafting appropriate notices and polices

Global manufacturer and supplier of luxury products

Advising on the transfer of personal data from its UK subsidiary and on the use of cloud providers within and outside of the EU for data storage

International technology supplier to the fashion industry

Advising on an e-commerce strategy, contract documentation and data protection obligations

Leading manufacturer of high-end audio equipment

Advising on cookie usage and data protection

Global luxury products manufacturer/distributor

Advising on various data protection matters including in relation to disclosure of passenger travel data

Leading global travel technology company

Advising on data protection and security issues arising out of a theft of a laptop from an employee based in the EU

Global IT provider