The Orangutan Appeal UK

The Orangutan Appeal UK is a registered charity based in the south of England, dedicated to the rehabilitation and preservation of Orangutans and the conservation of their habitat.   The Appeal strives to protect remaining wild populations of Orangutans (the largest tree dwelling mammal) by providing support and funding for projects across Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo; and by raising awareness across the globe.

We came across the Orangutan Appeal UK through helping them with some legal advice.  And, as part of our commitment to Corporate Responsibility, we are taking this further and supporting two Orangutans who are being cared for at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre - Rosalinda Rawlison and Brock Butler.

Rosalinda Rawlison


Rosalinda was born at Sepilok on 15th December 2002 but quickly became an orphan after her Mother died tragically.   She was rescued by the Sepilok rangers who brought her to the Centre where she has been cared for ever since.  Rosalinda has gradually worked her way through the rehabilitation process and is developing good climbing skills and perfecting her nest building techniques, both of which will stand her in good stead for her life of freedom in the forest - the ultimate aim.  Rosalinda does not always make it to the daily feeding sessions as she is still scared by the larger Orangutans but the Team help her out and she is beginning to find her own food in the forest.  All of this shows she is making excellent progress.




Brock Butler



Brock came to the Centre in 2003 when he was one year old.  He had been rescued from the Tamaco Plantation, where it was believed his mother had been illegally shot.  Since then, Brock has made steady progress and is now mixing with slightly older Orangutans and learning to stand up for himself.   Brock has learnt quickly and his climbing skills have improved so he has now been released into the reserve around the centre.  

He is still being monitored by a team of research assistants and a local vet employed by the Orangutan Appeal UK at the Sepilok Centre who track new releases to monitor their progress and ensure they do not come to any harm. The team has been so impressed by Brock’s ability they recommended him as a candidate to take part in a new research study monitoring how successfully the new releases were coping with life in the wild!  This commenced in April 2010.  We'll keep you updated on progress.


For more information on Orangutan Appeal UK and its work, please click here for their website.